Finaktiva Website Design

This was a simple 1 week project that required a very simple website design for a local fin-tech called Finaktiva

The client wanted a site that followed their design language (that was created by a specialized branding company) and that was as clean as possible.

For this project I the following:

  1. Coordinated the development and design using the Scrum Framework.
  2. I took care of the design of the site following the client’s design language.
  3. Co-developed this site. Specifically the interest rate calculator.

Tools and Tecnologies

The site is done using WordPress, the animations are done using the AOS js library and the Loan Calculator was created using vanilla JavaScript (no jQuery).

For the design I used Figma and for the icons I used the SVG files that can be downloaded from the website.

For coordinating the work I used trello.

Final Design

The current site has change a bit and can be seen in, but here is the original design in Figma.